Society for the environment and socially equal life

• For a society where all people are of the same value and can have a socially equal life.

The reasons why there is so much inequality:

Rich and Poor:
1st The present systems
The present financial system is for the benefit of the rich only to get even richer and more powerful.
It does not include a free basic income for all. The main cause of poverty is lack of money.
2nd The elite who owns most of the money, it is even able to create its own money, are evil people. They create wars at their will and do other evil things.
3rd The people don't organize themselves, they let it happen that the large masses of people are under the thump of a few super-rich.
Speech Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936: "Being governed by organized money is as dangerous as being ruled by organized crime."

4th Lack of information what is our goal on earth. No, it is not self-enrichment, greed and profit! Please check out LifeCredo.
Speech: "Please no idling! There is no way out, only forward."

5th We empower persons to rule on us, even by birth-right, but we are all equal.

6th Backward outdated consciousness:
In many areas in the world this is still reality. Women are treated as secondary and children are seen as parents' property but we are all equal!

It is proven that a society is functioning best when all are about the same wealthy.
So such a society is needed when we want to live in peace and harmony.
Unfortunately we are going in the opposite direction presently, a reverse is required urgently!

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